Add New Placeholder Settings

The new BrainJocks SCORE 3.0 introduced new placeholder setting keys:

ComponentNew Placeholder Key Value
Facet ContainerFacets
Multi View Search Results ContainerSearch Result Views
Slick Slider PanelSlick Slider

In order to bind these new keys to your tenant website, you have to perform 2 steps for each tenant site:

Step 1 - Copy the placeholder settings item from the bootstrap UI Branch Template into your tenant placeholder setting items folder.

Open the BootstrapUI Placeholder Settings Folder Branch (/sitecore/templates/Branches/BootstrapUI/BootstrapUI Placeholder Settings Folder) and navigate to the $name and $name Content Components folder.

Here you will find placeholder settings items named Facets, Search Result Views and Slick Slider. Copy these items into the folder /sitecore/Layout/Placeholder Settings/<tenant name>/<tenant name> Content Components for each tenant website using SCORE.

Step 2 - Bind the placeholder keys to your Content Page types. 

Open the presentation details for the Standard Values item for each page type in your site (/sitecore/templates/<Tenant Area>/Pages/<Tenane Area> Content Page)including the Snippet page type. Bind the needed placeholder key to the settings items you just copied.